Welcome Home!

We are a friendly and innovative lender in Dallas.  We offer a variety of products and simple to use tools to help you in getting pre-approved for a loan.

We cater to new and existing home purchase loans, re-financing existing residential mortgage loans and helping our customers understand the whole process and get the loan suitable for them in a timely fashion.

The process is straight-forward, even if it does take some work.  We will try to help you understand what you need to do and what to do next.

Loans for homeowners, investors, and re-fi purposes that fit regular working people, business owners and contract employees, veterans and rural areas are all available.

Down payment programs from 3% to 3.5% are common.  We also have 0% down for borrowers like military / veteran and in rural areas.  Conventional loans with 10% or 20% down payment are the simplest to get qualified for, but we can also help with Down Payment Assistance loans of various types.